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Full Version: APZX's Lacuna Mix and Mastered by Rickaudio Music
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Hi here is my mix of this track.
I did a little modification of the track because I think this track have a lot to offer better than be at the back of a lead.
I hope APZX don't get it wrong. Undecided
I am not saying those lead sound bad in the song I mean the arrangement and the programming of those spectacular sounds are the really show there.
Talking about the mix WoW it took some time to make all work together especially in the more dense parts of the song. I use a lot of processing to keep the space in the frequency spectrum, and panorama image. I notch a lot some sounds, I dock others, I apply thick and thin layers of reverb so other sound can jump back and forward. I expand and fade-in for short sounds. Blush I was a challenge but Cool that track rocks.

Let me know what you think about it; good or bad, I am going use your comments to do better for the next mix. Big Grin

Rickaudio Music
Well this is quite different than my original take on the mix. Not a bad thing by any means and actually gives me a couple of ideas on some things I might try in some future mixes. What really got me more than any one thing was how some sounds were processed over others. Like based on what I was hearing and knowing what would be coming up I thought I had a decent notion of how it might actually sound. Now, none of this is bad. It is actually very good as it gives me another perspective on the mix itself.

I actually don't mind the rearrangement much. It kind of threw me, but really it isn't anything bad. But with that being said I do feel that in the process of reworking I think some more care should have been paid to that constant pump and kind of smoothed it out more. Just my opinion on that bit though. Not that I don't like it. I actually love some of the bits that you changed, but the overall effect is something I'm unsure about.

As for the mix itself. I feel that some of the widening was taken a step too far, it just sounds a bit off to me. But for the most part I really like what you did. Especially when you were working the highs towards the end. I was actually very impressed with the amount of energy you managed to cram up there whilst still retaining clarity. Though I do have a gripe with the kick. It isn't as deep or have as much punch as I intended it to have. This also brings me to a complaint about the low end in general. I just felt there could have been more (even in my own mix). I do however, love the processing on that poly-synth you did. I mean you managed to give a sound, which IMO did not have a lot character, quite a bit of character. Very well done on that. Also, I really liked the fairly raw sound of the pads and strings. Just such a stark contrast to a lot of the other elements.

Overall I like it, but before I give my seal of approval I at least need the kick to have more . . ., well everything.

Edit - I did not notice this post until today, so I apologize for such a late response.
It's cool Wink

Just taking notes for the next mix, for improvementCool . But yea.., Confused cut more peaks to give a bigger foreground.

Thanks for the feedback Big Grin I hope you bring more projects in the future.
I am glad my mix brought some ideas to the board.

Have a good one Smile