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Full Version: My Mix of Ill Fate
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This was probably one of my most favorite to mix so far! Guitars and bass sounded great AND the drums hit hard too. 
I tried my best to copy the double sounding vocals in the provided track by adding a doubler on those certain parts.
I also made the breakdown HIT HARD!!! With an impact for the snares on key parts using a revers snare swell with a flanger and a shotgun blast with an explosion under the snare. Also with some massive bass drops too!
Any feedback welcome!
If I had to offer any criticism, I feel like the vocals are getting a little bit buried in the mix. I also think that you might want to have another go at the snare drum. It has a really nice snappiness that I love, but something about the tone doesn't seem quite right to me.

Other than that, I think you're doing some really cool stuff here. I love the creative decisions you made, and the drums sound fantastic. The guitar parts sound very well defined. And you did a nice job of getting the bass to sit well in the mix. (If you don't mind me asking, could you tell me what effects processing you used for it? I'm working on mixing this one myself and can't quite get that to sound the way I want.)