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Full Version: Here is my MIX !! The Apprehended: 'Still Flyin''
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hi all,

sorry if this mix came so late and hopefully with this mix and your advices will make my mix better in the futures.
Here is the process i did in this mix :

- Kick & Snare replacement using SD3 and (Manual process  Sad also), for toms quite heavy process with gate and manual editing  cut/fade in/out, beacuse too much cymbal on that tracks, i doubled the Chinese tracks using SD3 also.
- Bass Reamping through THU - Bassworld (i create my own presets)
- GTR Rythems (Saturation, Eqing, Comp etc)
- Clean Gtr (Saturation, Eqing, Comp etc)
- DI Gtr Reamping through THU (i create my own presets) and slicing and Re-timing
- Piano, Synths (Saturation, eQing, comp, etc)
Vocal chain through Overloud GEM Voice etc, and of course panning, volume automation (in this vocal and background vocal is the most challenging part, because all the harms should be heard and pan correctly) and also i try Binaural  pan techniques.
file bounced and leave true peak on -3,0 dB
Thanks Smile Smile