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Full Version: The Apprehended: 'Still Flyin''
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Hello, how are you? Here is my version of the mix of the theme: The Apprehended: 'Still Flyin''

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There are guitars that are out of time
Hello, out of time?
Where do you hear them, could you be more specific, in what minute?
The tracks are as is downloaded.
Yeah there are tracks that are off in the multitrack. As are the scream tracks. I can't recall which ones exactly. I want to say guitar tracks 3-10 are off plus the screams. All the same amount. It's been years but I think if you group all of them together and use the chorus as a reference then it should all line up. Check the reference mix.
No, there are no muted tracks, as most people say on this subject it is somewhat complicated to mix and there may be some masking.
I'm going to check the reference track
PS: I make a clarification to the mixes that I upload, I usually take them out of the DAW at the volume they sound, that is, they do not have any post-processing, nor normalization or anything, perhaps the thing that sounds a little low comes out there

Sorry for my English using Google traslate
No need to apologize for your english. I only speak english and I don't do that very well. So you're doing better than I am.
The tracks that are off aren't noted at all. I've tried to find some clarification an where they should be but it's tricky. I do believe they need to come forward not back. All by the same amount.

Hope that helps.
Ok, now I understand a little better than you were telling me