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Full Version: Meu Bem ~ tgraph mix
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thanks for giving it a listen

67 views without comment? no other mixes of this fun song?
Nice track and I like the vocal sound - very stylised, nice effects.
The cymbals are too brash and need smoothing with EQ. There is a "tip up" in the overall frequency response from around 6KHz upwards which is dominating and covering the vocal.
I also feel you could extend the low end of the bass guitar downwards. I appreciate the space left for the kick drum at the moment which is nice, but a more "integrated" low end could work well so maybe shelf EQ on the bass at 70Hz and below.
Great job, but the cymbals detract at the moment.
Thanks for the critique... I've lost some of my hearing in the highs at 68 years old and don't always compensate appropriately. I can give that tilt another go.

Highs down a bit and bass accentuated.