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Full Version: Slapback - Loud as **** master
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Here's a master of Slapback - I definitely wasn't going for natural and dynamic here!  A lot louder than the original, almost as loud as I could make it without the mix totally crumbling apart. It's also quite a bit fatter and thicker than the original (despite shaving a lot of the transients off, which sounded a bit boxy and pokey).  You might want to turn your loudspeakers down a bit..
Any feedback always appreciated Smile

Good sounding mix .Solid as even tho its loud .Great work mate
(16-12-2020, 12:19 AM)takka360 Wrote: [ -> ]Good sounding mix .Solid as even tho its loud .Great work mate

Cheers Alan Smile
Disclaimer though... it wasn't my mix, but my master.