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Full Version: Welcome! (Read me first...)
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Hello and welcome to my special Cambridge-MT Discussion Zone subforum dedicated to TheMixReview.org!

If you'd like to post a specific comment relating to any of the existing critiques, please indicate in the thread title which one it is so I can respond appropriately. The great thing about the new online version of The Mix Review is that I can continue to update and add to already published critiques, so if there's something interesting you think I missed about a specific production, then do let me know and I'll try to remedy that! (Also, hard as it might be to imagine Big Grin , I do occasionally get things wrong, but I'm happy to correct any errors if you alert me to them.)

I'm happy to take requests for tracks you'd like me to critique too. Bear in mind, though, that I do usually like to choose either (a) current tracks that have charted, have otherwise featured prominently in the media, or have been nominated for a major industry award; or (b) 'classic' tracks that are amongst the best-known releases by the artist/band in question. The basic thinking behind this policy is that if I deal with music that's relevant to a wide range of readers, then the commentary should hopefully be useful and educational to as many people as possible. Oh, and I tend not to do more than one 'classic mix' per artist/band, because I usually only do one of those per month and there are lots to get through!  Rolleyes


Mike Senior