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Full Version: The Apprehended_Still Flying
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Good evening / Morning
Cool song, and it was damn fun to mix.
took a while to get right on the vocal tracks but think I got to it eventually.
I have samples of snare, toms and my own kick sample from a mix course through slate by Chris lord alge.
But all original instruments are included in the mix, so I have not replaced any, just added samples
Slate plugins on instruments and Howard benson on vocals
DeEsser from waves

I hope you like it.
And absolutely feel free to comment.

New plugins CLA MixHub and CLA Epic.

Enjoy  Smile
Hey, Patsculle!

Second version sounds better to me, no doubt. Third version is very scooped, the snare sounds hollowy... I'd say it's a step back.

Both versions have synths and piano set too loud. They should be more felt than heard (or altogether muted). That piano doubling the vocal melody in the chorus is so foolish, it's almost revolting (sorry arranger, wherever you are). The synthesised strings and horns are corny as heaven, specially that loud...

The triggered snare is just too strong on the ghost notes.

Those are things that caught my attention, hope it's useful for you.