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Full Version: My Revo x mix for class (Elijah Leighton
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I struggled with the vocals a little. I would like to hear honest thoughts.

You need to add the file to your post!

After browsing and selecting the mp3 file, you first need to click on the 'Add Attachment' button on the right to upload the file. Then you can press 'Post Reply'.

Hope that helps Smile.

Mikej is so nice

Because of what you said and because you didn't upload the file I'm so going to dig into the vocal mix. Maybe. It's a distracting day. You lucky sod. Any other day and I'd destroy this mix.

Post it please. I need a distraction.
But man I am salivating to tell you how the vocals in your mix is.
E: Are? I think it's are don't judge me. That said I totally want to judge your mix...But for real, go easy on me. But oof I bet there's sibilance! I can't wait.