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Full Version: living in the city mix
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would appreciate some feedback.
Most of the balance is good, but the kick drum is too loud. I think the issue is that the kick drum has too much low end, so you can't hear it even though it's really loud. It feels like the whole mix is pumping from a compressor reacting to the kick drum. This really makes the whole mix suffer. The whole mix sounds over compressed to me, though it could be because of the kick drum issue.

The snare drum sounds a bit too thin. I guess you used a bit too much of the under snare mic.

I think you could pan things a bit wider. Don't be afraid of hard panning. It's weird when the guitar moves to the center in the solo. Moving things around distracts the listener, so I would avoid it most of the time.

The vocals could use a bit more presence to cut through, and the backing vocals as well.

Those are my opinions after listening to this mix. Hope it helps!

I'm uploading my mix of this song. It would be nice to hear your thoughts about it.