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Full Version: Elena - Mix for review
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Hi Mike,
Most of this song was learned, from a very basic demo, and played/recorded in one day with a few overdubs & backing vocals added later in another session.

Since then I reckon I've spent at least 3 times that amount of time on the mix! What is the correct amount of time, proportionally, to spend mixing? :O) The hardest bit was the layered vocals/backing and trying to make the song 'develop' over time, with only a few parts, which I ended-up having to repeat. I'm still not 100% sure with the mix, but I have to draw a line under it at some point, I guess. Although, I'd be more than happy to receive any comments from you regarding improvements.

All recorded in Reaper, with drums provided by Toontrack EZDrummer, DI'd bass, electric guitars via amp sims (Bias FX2 mainly) and then some Omnisphere organs, plus a little tambourine part for some added 'life'.

Anyway, looking forward to the session tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.