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Full Version: 'The Elephant' Mix
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I tried my best. Thoughts?
I find the chorus guitars soundwise a bit harsh, the vocal in the verse could have more topend (he is telling the story there), other than that quite a different distorted version, interesting.
Thanks for the critique!

Can you explain a bit more on what you mean by 'distorted' version?
It's just the weighting of distorted elements which adds up chronological and gives the mix a certain feel. Distorsion on verse vocal, even more distortion on the chorus vocals together with aggressive harsh distorted chorusguitars leaves a certain soundstamp in my mind. It gets especially obvious when the chorus chimes in. It's not meant to be good or bad just which feeling was left to me. I think it is worth to try a version where the chorus vocals are not that much distorted though. Perhaps with delay or other effect to give it another color there and just to see how it feels. Not sure if that makes any sense to you...

I think that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!