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Full Version: Robert Hammon - The Elephant MIX
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Here's my attempt. Feel free to comment Smile
I just gave it a quick listen. Overall it feels pretty good. Just some minor things:
I think the bass guitar could come up and or be a little bigger on the low end.
Guitar 1 & the DT could also have a little more low end. I don't know if you hi-passed them all but if so I think it could be pushed lower.
I could use more of Gtr 3
The timing of the verse delay feels a little weird. How? I don't know. Maybe it's too fast?

That's al that jumped out at me overall.
Good job.
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I did hi pass, along with some notch EQ. I'll bring the pass frequency down and see how it sounds. Good point about the bass, on re-listening I think it could do with more low end.

And yeah the delay may be a little fast, I'll adjust the tap tempo and see if it helps.