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Full Version: The Elephant
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Nice one to mix!!!
Hey The Wizzards,

Overall on first listen, I feel that the mix a little too bass heavy, like the low end is drawing my ear away from the midrange. I really like what you've done with the drums, the snare is fat and the kick has that nice heavy rock 'click' to it. If there was one area that I would be really critical about, it's the lead vocal compression. I'm a huge fan of that high tension compressed vocal, however in this case it has the unwanted side effect of over accentuating the breaths, I would maybe take some time to edit the vocal down a bit to fix that. Balance wise in terms of the vocals, when the chorus hits I feel there is more of a focus on the backing vocals rather than the leads.

Overall, I think you've done a pretty good job working with the density of the track, and a few simple tweaks will make it sound awesome.
Thanks for taking the time to mix it! Smile

- Robert