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Full Version: The Elephant - gloukin mix
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Here is my quick mix, as usual using my trusty earbuds.

Comments and critique welcome!
Nice balance. Pretty clean mix aswell, I like it!
- Synths are very low in the mix, I would either make them louder in the verses or take them out completely ;-)
- Maybe the bass guitar could be a bit more prominent, specifically the mids?
- Extra Vocals towards the end are a bit quiter than the others. Doesn't seem intentional?
- I would fade out the synth at the end.

Very solid to my ears!

Edit: Another thing I noticed is the verse vocals are a bit heavy on the low frequencies. Maybe use a multiband comp or EQ.
Thank you for listening!
I put synth intentionally rather low, don’t think they add a lot of value but still create a texture.
Bass I believe is rather prominent already but I will take another listen.
I wanted the extra vocals toward the end be more like an echo hence the lower volume on those.

Agree on the verse vocals, more cutting is needed.

Appreciate the feedback and glad you liked it!
Hey Glukin,
Really nice mix. Transition nicely done. I would olny clean it a bit better from honkines in Bass track. Is there gated reverb on the snare? sounds a bit weird. I'd also compress is a bit more or use different compressor for better snap. Chorus sounds very good. Good job!
Thank you for your comments, really appreciate it. Mixing on earbuds is not great, some problem frequencies escape me. There is no gated reverb on the snare, perhaps I will try a different compressor as the sound still bothers me a little.
Since there is always going to be (and I believe, meant to be) a significant difference between verse and chorus vocals, I have no problem with your lead vocal tonal balance. My issue is how you balanced it in the first verse against the bigger ensemble then. Second and third verse/chorus do not suffer similarly. Snare might get a bit peaky. Other than that this is a good mix. Well done.
Definitely one of the better mixes in the forum for this song. Initially I can say the drums are a little too dead yet the OHs and rooms are too harsh and whooshy, definitely need some EQ and a lower level. Vox are too low, dead, and lack clarity overall. I have to say though your mix has nice cohesion to it, its not jarring where everything just seems randomly placed. More time on the drums and vox, and you will have a killer product.
Thank you all for your feedback, version 2 is coming soon!
- Snare is too dry
- Verse clean guitar is too loud
- Get rid of breaths in verse vocal
- Verse vocals are a tad loud

Not bad for earbuds. Good luck!