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Full Version: The Elephant
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The Elephant. Cool
very reverb, voice
(01-02-2020, 11:54 PM)NewtonThomas Wrote: [ -> ]First Pass with The Elephant.Smile

"A" mix -- a little wackier mix master routine.

Vocal seems to be doing some weird thing where the main track is quite muddy but the reverb channel is accentuating all the sibilance.

If that's the sound you're going for with the vocal, maybe trying eq'ing out the harsh bits on the reverb channel to better match what the vocals are doing, especially in the verse. A de-esser on the reverb would be an easy way to do this. Smile
- I hear a bit too much pumping in the mix, mostly from the kick
- Bass could be scooped a bit more
- Verse guitars and verse vocals have a bit too much reverb
- Chorus vocals are panned too much and are too dark. Guitar is drowning them

Good luck!