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Full Version: The Elephant' / Quick mix-master
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very cool, version
(01-02-2020, 03:54 PM)Mammy Wrote: [ -> ]mp3

Hmmm.. everything seems quite dry.. maybe that was the style you were going for though.

Also the drums hitting the limiter as hard as they are means the rest of the track pumps like bitch when they hit.

When limiting on the master bus, I aim to hit around 2-5db of gain reduction so that you don't get that super noticable volume pumping on guitars, vocals etc.

Give it a whirl and see how yooiu get on. Smile
Also, interesting drum hits, did you drop in some samples for these sounds?

First of all I can say the balances are okay, but the stereo image is just not there and there is no cohesion between instruments. Things are very very dry and the drums sounds pretty dead. I would not personally call this a mix, more so a post recording demo. Try putting a lot more time and attention into your work.
Hey Mammy,

Not bad,

Sounds pumping.
Because of the gate on the snare and the compression on it, the HH is very aggressive on the snare hits, mb you ware going for that I dont know.
Choruses lack stereo image and the vocal sound dry panned to the sides.

In general its not bad!
Keep up mixing! Cheers! Smile
- There is too much pumping
- Not sure where the hi hat went. Bring it up
- Bring down the drums a bit
- Verse vocals are too loud
- Scoop the kick a bit more
- Chorus main vocals are panned a bit too much and need to come down
- The hi hat is bleeding into the snare too much. You might need to adjust your snare processing

Good luck!