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Full Version: Happy Pills ( First Post )
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Hi Everyone !

It's my first post on a forum ever. I'm learning mixing by myself but it's difficult to progress without some advices on my mixes.

So here is my take on "Happy Pills". Feel free to tell me what's right or wrong.

Hi. Your mix is good but as a problem: (1) Vocals too loud. Definitely. So consequently the screamed part jumps out of the mix even more and shreds my ears. You just need to turn the volume down a bit. It's also due to the eq, which gives a lot of high end to the vocals, while the rest of the instruments hit in the mids more. You could give the guitars a tiny bit more highs. At 2:36 the other vocal sample is just as loud and out of mix.

(2) There's also a couple of tweaks you could work on: (but the main issue is the level of the vocals)

Maybe the bass can have more definition and a gentle boost in the mids. It lacks attack. The drums could be given a bit more volume too. I can hear the kick fine but the other drums are too faint. Raising the overheads could help with the eq issue I pointed out earlier

The guitar tone sounds fine but can be enhanced too:
- from 0:08 to 0:23 the rhythm guitar on the left could carry the rhythm better, maybe by tweaking the eq or using some compression you could stress on the attacks more. So the guitar marks the time harder, instead of sounding flat and noisy. That's for the one on the left, the other is ok.
- from 0:27, then it's the guitar on the right which is a bit dirty and could mark the time better, and complement the bass

For instance listen to the break at 1:57. The guitar works together with the cymbals to input the rhythm.

For the lowfi effect at the beginning I think you could find ways to make the actual start of the song even more powerful. Maybe turn the static down so the real start sounds louder in comparision. Or use volume or eq automation to craft some kind to "moving towards" the start. Anyway you should turn the static down because it's a little aggressive.

Great. All of that are just easy fixes, your mix will work!