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Full Version: Candlebox - HappyPills
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Hello guys.

just stumbled upon this site and i have to say: amazing opportunity to practice your mixing skills... thanks to all the uploaders!!! really appreciated!

sooo i did a version of happy pills. took me roughly 2hrs. pretty static mix. i tried to keep it as "garage-sounding" as possible. blended a snr-smpl with superior, did a little panfx on the gtrs and a little voxfx during the last chorus.
the rest is filtering and compression. maybe the mix got a little bottom-heavy. loudness = -14lufs
i really love the "in your face-grunge-attitude" of this track..
had some listening-area-issues recently so i´m interested in how the mix translates on your systems!

feedback is very welcome!

thanks in advance.

sorry for my english. Wink
I was going to joke and be really harsh since it was your first upload here. But, it's a pretty good mix. Maybe my favorite I've heard so far. Even better than mine! Though mine sucks. Ha. It's engaging and big. The guitars are solid and grounded. That's all this song needs. If I had an issue it would be wanting the vocals to be louder or at least bigger. They sound fine but the rest of the track is so big that the vocals could come up and match it. They come in a little sibilant and feel weak. Not a lot but just a little. Everything else works so well I just want the vocal to come in and put it over the top. I'm not concerned or worried about any technical things. I may have some nit picks but it's a mix that makes me not care about those nit picks and that's part of what defines a good mix.

Don't apologize for your English. If anything, as an American, I should apologize for my English. You speak multiple languages, a lot of people on here do. I, personally, try to be aware of that, but talking about music is hard. "Dancing about Architecture".
You're doing ok. If you need clarification just ask.

Good job.
Wow. Thank you very much Mate!

just listened to your latest revision of FytaKyte-Bitter-RMMix05p.mp3
though you stated its a simple mix i find it quite sophisticated. the vocal-work you did is very well balanced and fine-tuned...