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Full Version: Happy Pills - Candlebox
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My take on this song. I dont listen that much to rock in general so im pretty interested on opinions on the mix!
The Main Vocals were the hardest part, a lot of pop noises, a lot of volume changes caused by his distance to the mic. Also im always curious to hear some opinions on volume balance, as thats still the hardest part on every mix for me personally.
As a whole, it feels fine. I think there are some individual parts that can be tweaked.

The snare is a bit out in front. It's a combination of volume and dryness. It sounds good but it might sit better a little back in the mix a little more and also with a bit of reverb to give the song some space. I usually find that the reverb on the snare can really dictate the feeling of space though out the entire song.

The guitars could come up. They're ok where they are but if they were a little louder they'd add to the aggressiveness of the song and give it more "rock".

The bass level feels fine but I think it could have more definition. It's an important part, especially in the verses, and could be more in focus and help drive the song more.

I'm not sure about the vocal level. It could probably come back just a hair and maybe more compression. The vocal level changes seem to jump out at me in this mix. Maybe because you mentioned it? I dunno. The BGV is loud.

Those are the biggest things that jump out at me. Overall, it's a good mix, some minor adjustments could make it better. But don't over do it.

Hope that helps.
Hey Roy,
thats a lot of Feedback, thank you verry much!! I will try to do a second mix next week Smile