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Full Version: Candlebox - Happy Pills (Cherry Mix)
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I think I got a pretty nice mix done on this. Let me know what you think.

I did do a bit of pitch correction on the vocals cause they were often off key. But nothing too drastic or robotic. Kept the dynamics.

Let me know what you guys think.
I could only give it a quick, passing listen but I think it sounds pretty good. The tuning sounds weird to me but it might because i'm not used to it. I think the guitars feel a little disconnected from the rest of the track. Maybe they're too dry. I think they could use a slight bit of reverb or ambience to glue them to the rest of the band. Dynamically it feels a little flat. I think the energy of the mix could move a little more. It's such an aggressive song, I think t would help to accentuate the dynamics the arrangement of the song provides.

That is. Tonally it works and it's not fatiguing or anything, which this song would do easily.

Good work.
I really like your kick and bass combination. Pretty energetic in general! The only thing i would change is that the vocals sound pretty damped in comparison to the rest of the mix. Maybe a little high shelf boost or removing some low mids would help here. Overall really a nice sounding mix!
Dont hesitate to give your opinion on my mix Wink