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Full Version: Candlebox_Happy Pills
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Hey guys,

give me your comments pls!!

So, enjoy my mix!!!

I like the overall size of the mix. I think there might be too much bottom on the kick/bass but I can't tell on earbuds. The snare has an overtone that really sticks out. The vocals get lost a at times when the guitars kick in. In the verse it feels fine. The fade in on the guitars in the intro and instrumental section is cool but the hi hat give it away bit. If the hh muted the effect would have more impact. Guitars work. Not sure how I feel about the pitched down vocal part. I guess it works thematically but I think was so unexpected it felt weird. Have you considered having the un-pitched vocal in there as well/ It might 'ground' the part while still fitting lyrically or thematically. Just a thought.

Edit: I just realized I was listening on a different pair of earbuds that might be bassier than what I normally listen to. So the bottom might be ok? I dunno. Maybe someone else could comment on it.