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Full Version: Happy Pills by Candlebox
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Its grunge, recorded full session, so while polishing things I also left some hair and funk. Lots of attitude and a quite wild vocal performance. As usually lots of Acustica and Softube.

Personally I think the mix and master came together damn well considering the source content.
I think the bass and kick could be more distinct. They're a little muddy. The snare could be bigger. It's small and dry and feels disconnected from the rest of the track at times. The guitars feel ok. I wish they were panned more but that's a personal preference as opposed to a problem. The BGV is really buried. It could come up a bunch. I like the tone of the vocal but I think the effects tend to take away from the grunge. And while it's a wild performance I think it could use some taming, dynamically and have it sit better in the mix of the band.
Tonally, overall, it's comfortable to listen to which is important for such a loud, aggressive song. It could be harsh but isn't. Hope that helps.