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Full Version: Candlebox_HappyPills-Yoshi-Mix3
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This is my first impression

2nd Roy & LightYearRecord11 advice ver

3rd Still not a satisfactory result

Thank you for listening

Feels cool. The snare could be brighter. It feels boxy now but I like the punch it adds. There's some over compression when the vocal gets loud and th mix collapses and get small. I like the vocal reverb.
Overall the balances are not bad. Vox are buried and dry as hell and squashed, not a great sound. Guitars need some top end presence and the drum room and overhead tracks need to be cleaned up a bit. Not a bad mix, but a few tweaks would take it from meh to definitely decent.
Hi Roy

I did what I could do now
I may not understand yet
But this is all for now
It was a difficult work, but I learned a lot

Thank you

Hi LightYearRecords11

Made the second work
I would be grateful if you could listen to it

Thank you