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Full Version: Happy Pills (Draper Mix)
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So. . . who else owned the 1993 self titled album? Far behind is one of those songs that is completely burned into my psyche, so when I saw that there was a candlebox song on here. . . man oh man. I knew I had to get my hands on it.

Onto my mix. Nothing super crazy. Checked my phase relationships, buss processed most everything, as per usual, and added some guitar amp emu's on the tracks for a little extra thickness. I added some distortion to the bass, compression here and there, some small panning and volume automation, with just a touch of delay and verb on the vox. Nothing crazy, but I was just laying back letting the song do most of the work. I think it came out pretty ok.

I have this too loud for a straight mix, but I just wanted to hear it like it might be on an album.

Any thoughts?

Hey Draper,
I like the mix, actually it's very close to the original. Vocal sounds very nice. I woudl personally add a bit more compression to the snare, kick drum is "hidden" but it is actually how it was recorded, getting it present needs a lot of EQ, what also has it's negative sides, I was not happy with mine really. Cool FX on Vocals. Basicly i feel its a good natural sounding mix. But yes, I'd definitelly play with compression on snare as it here and there is out of control. Cheers.
Yep, couldn't believe it when I saw a Candlebox song available to mix! Super cool, I'll be uploading my mix shortly. I tend to agree with Lethan's comments, also perhaps a touch too much reverb on the lead vocal for my taste, but I really like your EQ decisions on the lead vocal, it had numerous offending frequencies requiring some attention. Nice work overall, cheers.
Thanks guys! I agree with what you guys have said, and I was a little questioning in my execution as well in regards to the verb on the vocal. Thought it may have been a little heavy handed. I'll take another go at it soon.

Thanks again for the feedback!