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Full Version: Jackie Greene - Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind - Devilskater Mix
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Hi everybody,

I hope you enjoy my Mix. Please tell me what you think!

Hi Devilskater,
I like your mix, especially how you separated the instruments and made the whole thing transparent. Here are some details that caught my ear:
- Nice spring reverb on the guitar, gives a "Western" feel to the song
- In general maybe a little bit too much overall reverb for my taste
- The high tom has some strange resonance, like a compressor that goes wild
- I'm missing some of the lower mids in the song.
But as I said: critique on a high level...
Hi Tobias,

thanks a lot for your critique, glad you like my mix.

- With the reverb I tried to recrate a "live" feeling but I guess thats really a taste thing as I personally like wide mixes with lots of Reverb and Delay.

- Will look into the Hi Tom thing and let you know, cause I don't remember compressing too much Angel

- Could you be more specific on the lower mids thing as my Analyzers tell me everything's just fine and I'd like to trust them as my monitoring situation isn't ideal Blush

Thanks again for the pointers, I'll look into them and maybe post a V2 if I find anything.


Overall your mix works for me. Sounds great.

I do, however, find the gate on tom 1 is too slow. it causes a lot of disturbance, when applied during the song. Toms like to go da-daaaa instead of daaaaa-daaaaa. Does that make any sense? Wink
In general, I could use some more low end. I'm kinda missing the entire live- esque

keep up the good work