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Full Version: Candlebox: 'Happy Pills'
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Hi guys,
Here is my try, basicly all tracks in, only first vocal track is out. Actually I don't know what was it. Playing a bit with 2 limiters in a row on master bus. Critics very welcome.

Ver5 is the latest. Reworked a bit on Eq on Drums, and probably Levels between Bass and Gtrs are a bit changed.
Sounds good,done a nice job on the vox. Sounds like you was in control of of everything.Nice use of comp too.
Great job indeed
Great sounding mix. You kept the live raw sound and energy of the song in your mix, which I feel was important for this track.
Hi Lethan,

I love the throwback feel of the vocals. It's a very exciting mix, but maybe everything feels like it is competing to be the loudest thing in the mix. Maybe that is a result of running the double limiters. Rock should be loud. . . but this feels on the verge of breaking up from top to bottom, so maybe it's just too compressed.

I think you have some really great sounds, but something just isn't quite "there" for me. Sorry to be so vague.

Thanks Guys for comments and having a listen,
Draper, you might be right, and i guess it's a balance issue. Dropped ver5 "believeing" it's better.