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Full Version: Clinic A SpedeMix
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Hello. I did a mix out this couple of days ago. Posting it now. Smile

These tracks have been sitting in my hard disk for quite awhile; I had started doing submixing on these tracks almost a year ago (It's crucial here with these track counts if you want the song to make any kind of sense). Finished the premixing part and conducted the actual mix.

Most of the attention went into making the somewhat cluttered arrangement sounding sensible. Not only that includes EQ to carve some space but also muting stuff here and there and moving stuff around to create few hooks. Also on the orchestral section there were couple of samples that were playing different chords than the rest of the music.
Nice mix spede, that a huge kick you created there. I like how the orchestral part sits in your mix.
I agree with Sano that the kick sounds great. I also like the muting/change in texture that starts around 3:30. You might consider keeping the last vocal after that point a bit louder though.