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Full Version: Digital Only Logic Proz Late Night Devil Mind Thievery
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Pumpin out a quick mix for this bad lad. Thicc and rich, lots of live vibes.

All in the box.
Hi Quathamer,
just some short remarks on your mix:
- I can hear some flams on the drums, meaning that some time-alignment might improve overall transparency of the mix. I would suspect the Room microphones, as they gave me some trouble as well.
- I like how everything blends together, especially the guitars sound like a wall in your mix
- The drums might profit from some more transients or high-mids to let them cut thru just a little bit more. I'm missing this mainly on the Bassdrum and on the Snare, not on the Tomtoms.
In general a solid mix!

It does like you've got some time alignment issues throughout your mix. Couldn't focus on anything else, sorry

Keep up the good work and stay healthy