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Full Version: I'll fate Mix V1
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I tried to stay on "core" Side. The band has a nice drive.
Qriginal guitarsound.


I added a second Version mixed with Abbey Road Studio 3 via headphones. Drums tracked with Superior Drummer 3.
Some other blabla 3 Big Grin
Vocal delays automated in the Chorus to give it more depth.

Feel free to comment!

As soon as my RME is ready, i'll reamp the guitars for a more gainy sound.
Uploaded a new Version of the MIX.
Feel free to comment.
Good job on the first mix just lower the vocal a bit (about 2db or so) and you're good to go. I know you want to hear the screaming (which is very good imo) but a lower vocal would make listeners turn the music up.
tried some Rearbus compression on this version