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Full Version: Kung Fu: 'Joy Ride
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Missed this one
Being a saxophonist, I would have never killed the sax track, as you did Smile you skipped half of the key challenges of this mix.

The other half challenge is the balance kick/bass guit, not to overcome each other that I think you could improve. I think a little bass-heavy-blurry to my taste, and having a chance to open up for more details on the treble instruments - sax? ;-)

Solo vox probably just a biiit loud.

Hammond solo = woooah! Nice.

The guit solo after the hammond solo is sort of muffled, buried under the kick/bass guit. Not much else is happening in these 16 bars if the guit solo doesn't stand out. loudness difference with the vox coming after that is staggering.

Despite being sort of opposite to my clinical mix, I like it!
my 2 cents ---> :-) :-)
Cheers for the feedback,bit harsh
Did you sidechain the vocal? Sounds really unnaturally pumpy when the vocal comes in