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He's my hero, whether or not he made it to the top with Irvine. We may never know.
Looking at every part in its own, it seems that you got them sounding pretty much as you want (they are almost newly made parts, after all) and the technical aspects are well covered, that I cannot say for myself. So my objections are more a mix of personal aesthetics (basically, I wish the arrangement for the "Don't forget me" part were in the first verse and from there you'd have gone higher but "to which its own"?) and arrangement estructure, meaning:

- 0:35 bridge, things get a little weaker than verse 1
- Verse 2 seems to be lighter, more ethereal than 1 (not that clear when I A/B since the arrangement is subtletly different, but that's what I feel listening the tune from start to finish, likely due to the drier vocal and softer loop?)
- 1:20 bridge seems to be pretty much the same than the first, but again it seems slightly weaker, since the repeating delay line has less presence... you get the idea

The 2:18 crescendo is so cool with those little seagull-like synths (what are they doing at the top of a mountain?) and the bass part that I guess is again coming from a synth? And the loop for the "Don't Forget Me" part is very beautiful; as I said, I wouldn't had cared to have it right from the beginning. Aaaaand I cannot think of anything else, like it's a little hard for me to judge this mix as a whole for some reason, probably because it's so different. It might take some time to listen without thinking of the original parts.

Btw, I tried to pay attention to the lyrics and found nothing to make me think it was about any climber in particular (I actually thought it could be a metaphore), what was the deal?
Forget it, 5 seconds and one Google search after and I understand now!
Nice work
(29-04-2019, 04:28 PM)Deliza Wrote: [ -> ]Looking at every part in its own...
Forget it, 5 seconds and one Google search after and I understand now!

Thanks for dropping by Deliza.

The problem imposed upon the listener, is that we are presented with 3 different personalities in the song. The first is Mallory himself, the second is the observer, and the third and final, is the ghost of Mallory. This is unconventional and will catch most off guard, even if they know this piece of history. It took me a few listens of the source material to begin with, just to get into it and find some sort of vision.

The question is how to approach and deliver each of the 3 sections without going off too far from the general musicality? For example, the last section has the bv’s rich in reverb already present in the material. I cursed it during the imported rough preview because of the apparent spatial contradiction. Boy, do I hate wet tracking or what? But it isn’t actually a contradiction but a Heavenly rendition.

I think what you might be referring to as seagulls is my attempt at the creative expression of the ghosts of Mallory and Irvine. Big Grin

Somewhat off topic, as a Producer I’d have gone more in line with the likes of Rick Wakeman’s works such as Journey to the Centre of the Earth, etc. With more time in an album, each song could build on the foundation, so even a listener unfamiliar with part or the whole story, will by the end be fully wise. To do all this in 4 minutes is probably asking a lot. How about it, Rick?

Catch you on the North Face.

(02-05-2019, 10:26 PM)Equilibrium Wrote: [ -> ]Excellent!

Thanks for dropping by Alexander. Will return the appreciation later.
(02-05-2019, 11:26 PM)takka360 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice work

Thanks for listening. I'll be happy to check you out later.
(21-05-2019, 12:16 PM)Monk Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-05-2019, 10:26 PM)Equilibrium Wrote: [ -> ]Excellent!

Thanks for dropping by Alexander. Will return the appreciation later.

You inspired me to take this project. I was afraid I can't handle it. But the work is done, and tonight I'm gonna give the results.