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Full Version: Children of no one Flymix
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my mix of children of no one
hope you like it ..... not the style of music that most attracted me but I like the beginning of theme pink floyd style.
suggestions and comments will be well received

from Argentina

SergioBig GrinWindows Software
I like the Big sounding intro good balance ,the snare sounds a little thin for my personal taste Big Grin !
Thanks Don, it's a bit skinny snare was a problem to find the right EQ, and I found that I had to stand by frequency, so I did a little skinny.
This is a mix where the toms, snare and voice are really big and audible, nothin wrong with that, but I miss the rhythm guitars after the great intro - they are there I hear, but I want them louder :-) As Don mention the sound o the snare is a bit thin, perhaps you could tame the ringin a little more. I think the screamin voice calls for a wall of guitars - then again I like guitar as I play that instrument :-)
And again I find myself critisizin too much, the overall sound is good, I just throw suggestions at you Big Grin
I think you're right Voelund, listening more carefully mix the guitars I have been a little low volume.
may be due to fatigue a little end, but I promise to correct them when I have more clear my ears.
Thank you very much for your concepts, I promise to correct what guitars.

from the end of the world