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Full Version: Living In the City Mix
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I had a hard time with the bleed so I tried to embrace it.....the guitars gave me a big fit. I experimented with automating the sends on the effects.

So this is the updated track....You guys were right about the sample rate. Many thanks for your help! The original files are at 48 khz and I had my DAW set up for 44.1 khz . When I changed my sample rate I had a nightmare on my hands. Some of the tracks with automation or effects sends were way off. I had to go back in and redo all my automation. I have to say it sounds way better with the correct sample rate. Thanks for your help guys! I should've know since the track was a lot shorter then the other mixes. I learn the hard way....its hard, its hard, its hard.......

First mix: Incorrect sample rate 48 khz into a 44.1 khz DAW
Second mix: Correct sample rate @ 48 khz.....
The difference? Priceless

Thanks Pasta and Deliza!
Greetings! The mix sounds good, I'm just wondering why the entire track is slowed down?
WTF? Thanks for pointing that out! I don't know what happened....I'm using cubase I don't know if there is a way to select the whole project and adjust the tempo....I usually lock the track...I'm listen to other mixes and I see what your saying. Unfortunately I think it effects the song negatively....I'll see if I can fix this....Thanks for taking the time to listen Pasta!
Yeah, no worries. I'd be excited to hear the mix again if you fix it.

It might be a sample rate thing, either on importing the tracks or bouncing the mix. In some cases if the audio is at a different sample rate to the project or there's some sort of conversion going on, it can play slower or faster depending on the difference.
Sample rate issue, maybe?
You guys were right!
I am using Cubase are you sure your tempo is 120 bpm

Should sound like Patti Smith rather than Fred
Yea the second version is the corrected one. I used the wrong sample rate on Cubase giving it that weird tempo and pitch....