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Full Version: Hurray For The Riff Raff - Living in The City (CR Mix)
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Feedback is highly apreciated Wink
I liked those OH's, they feel like he's hitting hard while staying in the background. Toms sound great too.

It's a shame there's something in the low end bloating things too much and it gets worse as they play harder. I'd say it's clearly the bass, it reacts too much to the dynamics and the way she plays thru the different parts. Needs to be way lower and some more articulation (phatness is out of place here). The kick seems to focus on the same freqs, so there's a chance to improve clarity with some EQ.
Snare has some lowmids boom too, nothing too bad but it could use some more snap while helping to clear up that lowend jam.

That aside, it's not the best mix technically, nor has it a polished "now" sound, but it suits the spirit of the tune. I'd love to hear a revision.

Here I am 6 years later Smile

I was doing nothing today and did a quick mix trying do fix some of that low end.
Since I lost the original project, I started this one from scracth, so no automation or major mixing tricks. lol.