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Full Version: Living In The City - gloukin mix
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(13-12-2018, 11:35 AM)cico Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds good.
For me 1. version sounds better.

Thank you for the feedback, cico!
(12-12-2018, 08:23 PM)glukin Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, mixogen. Appreciate the feedback.
I still haven't got the space to mix and work on this during my daily train commute using bluetooth earbuds. I know them well but its far from an ideal environment and so any feedback is important for me to make sure things sound right and sit well in the mix. As you say, I believe both mixes have their place but the first one is more raw and emotional and second one a bit more polished.

Glad you enjoyed it.
Wow! That’s crazy! You win for most expensive control room. And it could be the train is acting like a pink noise generator and possibly helping. Some famous engineer - clearmountain maybe? - would mix with pink noise playing along as it helped him match the curve. I honestly never tried it. But your mixes are unreasonably good sounding for earbuds on a train. I’m in shock.
V1 for me glukin. It just works. Well Done.Big Grin

Thanks guys!
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