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Full Version: Living in the City (First time post)
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I have done some mixes from the practice files before, but this is my first time posting in this community. I just discovered Mike Senior's podcast and I am learning so much already.

I enjoyed working on this song. There is a fair amount of bleed in the tracks, but I don't find it to be bad bleed. The big discovery I made was that the room mics (which also feature most of the background vocals) really help the stereo image of the mix. It's a great performance and my goal was to keep that charisma front and center while getting a great balance, a coherent spatial image, and lively dynamics.
Welcome, Nico. Watch out that stereo subrumble, I guess those are coming from the room mics (were they stereo? I don't remember). LC without fear! Same goes for the left guitar, that's just making a mess over the left speaker. That low-end rumble causes that, no matter how loud you play it, the mix doesn't really punch the room like it should.

Backing vocals sound good, coherent with the lead (thou the part from the girl might be too loud and bright), and lead guitar is fine like that.

There's a vague rehearsal bootleg feel to this mix (if you're not old enough, you might not know what I'm talking about), both from the global color of it and specially because of the uncooked drumkit. You know, it doesn't really pay off spending the time to put mics on the drums just to make them sound as if recorded thru a phone.

Hope this helps, cheers!

Thanks Deliza!
Mix B-

I worked on the low end a lot in this revision and realized that I had some phase alignment problems with the kick and snare. I also tried to modernize the drum sound - I had overdone the snare and room saturation in going for a kind of 70s vibe and tipped it a little bit too much towards lo-fi. I did a little bit of work on automation, cut out some rumble and some low mid mid, and touched up the lead vocal sound.
How did the drum stick clicks at the top get so loud?
I remixed this with the benefit of hindsight and three years of mistakes behind me!