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Full Version: Children of No One
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Got super psyched when i read about the "pink floyd" sound...

Ohwell, I just dragged it in my system and it sortof sounded OK immediatly because there werent that many tracks... So i probably ended up being a bit to lazy with this track. Hope someone will like it Big Grin

Intro is a bit too long and pretty boring, I wouldnt blame anyone for changing the channel in those 40 seconds, so i shouldve made it more interesting...
Hi Jonas. As I cant listen to your mix at mo my reply is some general suggestions, as you wrote you more or less loaded it into your daw and bounced. There are very good payoff from makin extra guitar tracks, as I recall it was a question of movin parts from one chorus to another, but lots have hapnd in real life this week and I worked on it last wednesday/thursday. So excuse my old memory if Im wrong. In that case I copied the guitar track and stretched it in short bits, like 4 bars, just a little, and pitched it like 5 cents. Very strong technigue I picked up from Xabi. Another essential thing from my mix is the verb on intro guitar, the Gilmour part especially benefits from it. Run a half note delay through some hall verb and you get that Mark Knopfler distant echo in verb guitar that answers the phrase. Makes the intro lots better. Organ has a couple o places where it shines and put life into the track, by raising level, a lot :-) maybe ideas for a second thought on what sounds like a mix youre not happy with. I guess I'll be back next week, had a lot o things I needed to deal with... Cheers m8
Much appreciate your thoughts.

Ill try remakin the intro guitar and probably automate the volume on the Organ as suggested. TBH i find the guitars to be pretty slammin already (hehe) so well see what the next version will be like. I have no clue on the drums though, I just left them as was, more or less.