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Full Version: Speak Softly - Broken Man
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This is my first mix of this beautiful song.
I did nothing fancy, but tried to sound it as good as possible. I found it a little hard to fit the chorus vocals into the mix in the final part of the song so that you can hear both vocals and instruments.

In any case this is a great song for practising and trying out stuff.

Comments and critique is very welcome!
Hi Conehat,

thought I'd come have a listen since you were kind enough to check my version out.
I think you've actually done quite well in the chorusses. Everything has it's own proper place to my ear. I like that you resisted the temptation to make the piano all sparkly and reverby, and instead have used it as an extra bit of rhythm.

The backing vocals stick out a little for me in the final chorus. It's like they're not quite in with the rest of the instruments, but they're also not in the same place as the lead vocal. I only notice this on the final chorus strangely...that is just a matter of taste though.

Other than that I'd say a nice well rounded mix. You managed to make that f**king bridge work too which I was ripping my hair out over haha.
yeah, I realise this too now. The fact is that I increased the volume of the backing vocals before saving my mixdown on last notice without listening to the whole track properly. I pulled the volume down again so they blend in with the main vocal.

Regarding the bridge I didn't put in any effort especially into this, maybe that's better sometimes Wink

I did mult the vocal part into verse and chorus tracks and processed them differently, so maybe that's made it easier...