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Full Version: Speak Softly - Broken Man. Would love people's thoughts on this, both good and bad
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I've been working on this mix for about a week in very short bursts where I can fit it around my day job. Not the ideal scenario obviously, but I'd love people's thoughts about what does and doesn't work. Cheers all!
nice mix, I like the chorus parts, that's where I struggled with mixing.

In the intro/verses I find the stereo panning and the delay of the (kick)drums too wide and distracting to the ear.
You could also think of increasing the volume of the vocals in the verses.

Hi Conehat

Thanks a lot for commenting. I also really struggled with the chorus, I found it really hard to get the vocal to sit how I wanted it to. I think I probably need to add a bit of extra automation in there to bring it out in the verses as you say.

I agree with you about the drums on reflection. That's a problem I often have when mixing, I'm not very good at restraining myself and I quite often end up making stuff super wide so it sounds "epic" but at the expense of it sounding realistic haha
A way around the lazyness on automation might be just splitting over different tracks, especially with a tune like this where the differences are all verse/chorus.
And yes, too much reverb over this kind of beats is hardly a good idea.

Good approach with the pads, they sound warm and moving.