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Full Version: Speak Softly – “Broken Man”
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Hey there.

After spending the last weeks on one of the larger multitrack’s from the library (“Still Flyin’” by The Apprehended) I needed a smaller project to come down from that, and this one fit the bill perfectly.

I applied some (hopefully!) tasteful reverb, a little bit of delay, some EQ, and pretty much nothing else. I hope you like the result.

Thanks for listening!
Nice mix Bombe. Sounds nice my end. The main vocal for me, is sounding a little honky at times and a little full around the 500 -800 hz area I'm guessing. It maybe the small room reverb that is causing this, otherwise well done.
Hi, Dangerous.

Thanks for your comment. However, I’m not sure I can detect what you are talking about. I went over the track with a fine-tuned comb (so to speak) but I can’t find anything in the frequency range and while I think I know what you are talking about when you say “honky” I can’t seem to locate—belay that, I think I just found it.

This one should be better. Smile