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Full Version: Little Chicago's Finest: 'My Own' - Mixed by Only
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Let me know what you think...
Sounds solid, tight but not overhyped and most every part is well balanced.

There's one or two too many delay sends, though. Having piano, adlib and snare echoing all together from the very first bars it's too much of a good thingh, methinks. On the piano parts especifically, delay made for a silly feeling I'd try to describe as... "dressage" but with seahorses and french riders wearing wigs? Weird, I know.
On the snare, the echo over the "14th of the beat" (meaning, the one that stands up the most) might use some automation so it's not doing it all along the tune. That'd help making the mix more dynamic, since the raws are pretty much blocks.

Voices (minus the delay on the center adlib, as I said) are really well treated, those two or three different mc's sound quite apart on the raws but you managed to give them a lot of cohesiveness, very pro!