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Full Version: Maybe (BCS Mix)
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It's good to be back mixing great songs. Here is my mix of Unicorn Rodeo's "Maybe". Thanks in advance for your awesome feedback. Please tell me what I can do to improve!
Very good mix! I notice from the beginning the kick and the snare share pretty much the same lo-mid (125-250Hz, I am only guessing) and that makes your mix a little cloudy. Cut some from the snare (since it is quite thick) should make both sound better and clearer. The vocal is a little too far back to my taste and needs more top end (for shining purposes). I think you can afford to bring her a little closer to the listener. The reverb you used for the vocal+snare, I think, also contribute to the cloudiness of the mix. Back it off will bring the vocal closer and less cloudy. One stone two birds Smile. I like the gtrs; they cuts thru quite nicely. I enjoy the part from 2:00 on. Very powerful. Good job!