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Full Version: My first mix here!
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I've been wanting to find a website like this for a while!
I love mixing but can't write songs for beans!
Now I finally have material

Info on my mixing session:
I threw out the original guitar mic's all together and reamped
I don't currently have a high gain amp at the moment Sad Just sold my ENGL and Orange TH100 to build a Uberschall clone, that being said I used some freebie plugins, first a gate to keep some unwanted noise out during mutes, then an 808 tube screamer plugin, into Poulin LeGion, followed by some gain reduction, into a DIY reamp box I built, then into the effects loop return of an orange Jim Root Terror (at this point the power amp is slaved, therefore the only control you have over the amp is what you put into it, and the 15/7 watt toggle)
I ran it on the 7 watt into an ENGL v30 loaded 2x12 cab mic'd with an audix i5 and Oktava MK-012 with some electrical mods.

I also took the bass DI and threw a free sansamp style plugin on it with some compression and EQ and ditched the original bass mic track.

I couldn't figure out what to do with guitar 3, so I scrapped it too.

I'm not happy with this mix, I think it has a nasal sound, I messed with the mids in a bunch of areas to figure out what it was but ended up leaving it be for now
its 10:30 and I want to start getting helpful hints on how to improve

Thanks guys
This sounds like Lamb Of God, this is good stuff!