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Full Version: Children of No-one - AZmix
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Okay, here's my first run at this one.

Problems I ran into:

All the tracks were printed loud. Recommend you just set your trim to -3db across the board if you work this mix.

The guitars needed a good bit of timing adjustments.

The kick drum was played inconsistently and actually clipped several times. Couldn't get it to sound the way I wanted to and finally ended up just doing about a 70% replacement. I also dispensed with the stereo room track and only used a smidge of the other one.

Bass management was a pain here. I wanted this tune to be a bit rumblier than others had done but that meant that it was very easy to lose control of the kick drum. Finally had to let the API2500 plugin on the instrument bus take care of the last bits of that for me.

The bass was basically doubling what the guitars were doing at many points and that meant that the low end of the guitars (around 125Hz in particular) made it sound like there was way too much mid-range on the bass. Ended up needing to put complimentary filtering on these to try to get them to cooperate.

This singer's vocal style gave Melodyne problems. That made it more difficult for me to get the two vocal tracks to blend together. Listening to it, though, I decided that it really felt better without the double track except in the chorus so that's the way I went.

After going through all the corrections and adjustments, the song was sounding to me like it wanted to be pretty dry. There are no delays on here except for a HAAS delay to let me get the guitars spread the way I wanted and just enough reverb to help blend things together.

Not gonna say its perfect (I'm not that good yet) but it's at least a good jumping off point.

Let me know what you think!
Nice job Wink
Sounds good. Especially like the way the solo and the lead vocals stay present and clear at the same time. It does sound a touch (and really, just a touch) boxy to me, and maybe a little dry for my tastes being a space rock song. Small nitpicks though.