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Full Version: Speak Softly: 'Broken Man'_mix Tommy Marcinek
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OK!!! I liked mixing this one. I always like a challenge having to work with "pre-mixed" tracks like this one (the drum tracks I'm talking about). Here's the way I approached it. First, I did not like the snare sticking out on the right side and I wasn't a fan of the ping-pong kick thing. So, I did away with all of that, without adding one thing except a snare sample blended in on the low side. I did not sound-replace anything (not even the kick). The bass was enhanced with plugins as were all the other tracks. This was mixed in the box. I did take a few liberties in the arrangement adding some of those nice piano parts in other areas of the song. I sort of played "producer" here....sorry to the band if they don't like it, but after hearing the song THIS MIX is what I immediately heard in my head. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.


Hey there.

Immediate first comment: that subbass in the verses is massive. Smile Everybody likes to have their pants shaken by the bass but I think that is a tad too much.

The more centralized drums are nice, too. The other changes are equally tasteful (IMHO) but I’m always reluctant to change songs too much. Sure, in this case the band probably won’t mind. Smile

Keep it up!