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Full Version: Kangoro - Clinic A
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I tried this song 2 weeks ago and sure enough as was warned in the track notes in this thread, I was wiped out mid mix and had to walk away to regroup.

After the first attempt, I grew a feel for the song and over the last 2 weeks silently premeditated a new approach to come back to this song with.

I am happy to have reached what I consider a "foundation" mix point for this song, I say "foundation" because there are many sounds that make up the song soundscape and from here its just a matter of making any small adjustments to the synths and SFX tracks.

This song is extremely difficult and is a test for mixers of all experience levels, but of course, the song is not impossible.

It's easy to strip this song down and remove tracks, but the song is obviously well produced so that signaled to me that all tracks and objects must make it into the mix and just "work".

A reference I used where there's a ton of tracks working together in a Hip Hop style is Public Enemy's Welcome to the Terrordome.

I've attached the mastered and mixed versions.

Edit: Adding my medley of 3 songs, linked 24-bit 44.1 master file:

1) Rockshow
2) King Rascal
3) Clinic A