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Full Version: Teodor Slavov mix
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Hi friends,
here is my mix. I made it on my cheap headphones, so I'll be very thankfull if you write some feedback. Thanks a lot Smile
PS: I found a lot of mistakes in my previous mix, and I remove it. Now I update with the last "fixed" one.
Still waiting for comments.
Mistakes: exiter on master bus, quiet vocals and bass.....
I'm using: reaper, waves plugins, Softube compressor and amps.
Hope you like it Smile
headphone mix, so I'll comments are welcome Smile


The first thing I noticed is scooped mids. There could be more of them. Without them the mix sounds hollow (unintentional pun).
The same thing with the kick: it's too boxy, the Q-parametr is rather high, I guess. Like the snare though.
Yeah, vocal could be more present. The master-bus comression definitely needs some work. Notice how at 0:14 the guitars got dived in when the drums kicked in.
So, bottom line is more work on EQ'ing.