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Full Version: Natural Classic Hardcore Style Mix
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Tried to keep it real natural and aggresive sounding, really enjoyed mixing this track! Would love to hear your thoughts on the mix! Apple Software
Personally I really love the mix, only thing I don't like is the snare. Sounds rather weird I don't know if its a sample or not(though leaning towards it is). just to me sounds too fake, with the style that you were trying to go for. But that is all just my opinion Smile
Hey Omega, thanks for the feedback! In hindsight, I feel that snare sample could definitely come down a bit, the beef is nice on my hs80m's, but after hearing it on laptop speakers, it's definitely a bit unflattering!
I think it's either too compressed or too filtered for the snare. Definitely smacks hard enough but it doesn't have much air to it, instead it's getting that bottom snare sound to it.