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Full Version: Broken Man - staying with the theme
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When I first listened to this song, I simply lowered all the faders so nothing peaked too radically, about -9dB. Listening to the lyrics two or three times. Then I set about just getting the levels balanced and panned appropriately, like the piano parts - one track is all bass, so hard left, another is near middle C, more down the center, and another part is pretty high, so that went to the right. When everything was balanced, I EQ'd and an compressed, correcting for the changes in volume as I worked from track one and up. That was a Mix1 and gave it a couple of listens on various speaker systems, in the car and on the crummy little laptop speakers.

There was already a fair amount of reverb on the drums and percussion tracks, so nothing was done there, but the piano parts got a lot of reverb added, with a long tail. I kept a bit of the reverb tail ringing at the end and faded it out, or the song would've lasted 25 seconds longer. The synth tracks were untouched, no effects, EQ or compression. Lastly, I added some vocals delays. This is the second mix.

Its my first time mixing this sort of dance tune with mostly sampled tracks. I generally stick to blues, rock and jazz. I'd like to know your thoughts, please.